Grief and Getting Over Death

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting over a loved one’s death takes time. I’ve had many people close to me pass away but I did not grieve as much as I did with my cousin’s passing. Maybe I was too young then to understand death, that dying means never coming back. Or maybe because I spent more time with her. It was also the first time I was around a person whom I saw deteriorated and then died. It was traumatic for me but thank God I was there when that happened or I would never find the reason to forgive myself.

I remember one particular song I shared with May (my cousin) was Karen Carpenter’s You. We sang it together as I was trying to teach her that. And during her memorial services, I broke down when one of her friends sang it. But that was the first and last time I ever cried so hard over her.

Death is so difficult to accept but life must go on for the people left behind. And so in her memory, I made another video.

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