PacMan’s Fight : From A Woman’s Point of View

Monday, November 15, 2010

Manny Pacquiao’s latest fight with Antonio Margarito is over. Pacquiao won, Margarito lost. So, what else is new? Did they really think they can beat Manny? Margarito would need face surgery after the beating he got.Thanks to his lucky stars, Manny still has that winning streak in him. What more can he ask for? He just won the elections, him now being the representative of Saranggani Province. Money? He’s got lots of it, overflowing really. Fame? So much that it sometimes can be a source of bad publicity of him being a womanizer.

But what does it really mean to us women? We, who just stayed in the sidelines while our husbands watched the fight with beer in their hands. Well, not much. I don’t think we would ever gamble on something like that? We’re sensible, we better use it to buy with something that we would really want, like bags or shoes, perhaps. What I mean is, if we  have the luxury of spending so much to bet on a game, then why not just use it to pamper ourselves.  Of course Manny’s victory gives us a sense of pride, but when the momentum is gone, do we still talk about the punches that landed on his opponent’s face? I don’t think so, but the exhilaration of having to use our new bag or shoes goes on for quite a while.

As we pretend to agree with the blow by blow account our husbands or male family members made during the fight, we silently wished that Manny immediately give a one quick blow that will send his opponent flat on the ground the way he did with Ricky Hatton. But that would kill the excitement so we opted to just keep our mouth shut and hope for a quick fight so we can have our peace and quiet back.

Do we really watch the punches or blows that lands on his opponents face? No, Manny is too quick. What we really see is some guy getting black and blue all over his face, swollen eyes and blood. Not a pretty sight. Brutal. We even talk about who looks better among all the boxers Manny fought with, Oscar de la Hoya and Eric Morales looked good.So we shift our attention to the people on the side of the ring, waiting when Jinky, Manny’s better half would be flashed on the screen and see what she’s wearing. We’re even a bit jealous of how much money she has in the bank! And sometimes silently wished our husbands earn that much,(haha just kidding!) Or if even Mommy D, Manny’s THE  other half (just kidding again!), Manny’s mother was there to watch his son fight live. We also like to check out if the person who sang the Lupang Hinirang (Philippine National Anthem) sang it correctly, without having to face the wrath of whatever historical commissions or institutes we have in the Philippines because the singer sang it off-key or with the wrong beat. We also check out what the singer wore. Did anybody not notice the itsy-bitsy uniform the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders wore when they sang their anthem? Oh well, they thought that it was appropriate. Different cultures, different views.Think about what issues would that stir in the Philippines. I can foresee those conservative critics ranting and raving all over the news because of what the singer wore. Maybe we are not really ready for change. But we really did care for the fight. After all, Manny managed to steal our husband’s attention and nagging for a while.

The men reading this would probably think, so that is what’s been going on inside your mind after all. Guys, you have to be thankful too. This is one rare occasion that we support whatever it is that you like without much protest.

But we women also asks the same question as the guys. When will Floyd Mayweather Jr. face Manny Pacquiao?  Too bad for him, Manny has plans of retiring from boxing.

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