Bet your life

Monday, November 16, 2009

Yesterday was Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto’s fight. I
wanted to stay home and watch it on television but my daughter was insisting that
we go to my aunt’s place in Makati
City so she can swim in
their pool. I wasn’t really keen on that because I was having a migraine but
looking at her sad face when I said no, my heart melted. Anyways, it’s been a
while since we last went there. So I finally give in.


The problem with having to leave house on a Manny Pacquiao
fight day is that you can’t get a cab easily. Sure the roads are cleared of the
usual traffic, even the MRT was half empty, but getting a taxi was a bit
difficult . Our house is near the road and usually cabs come and go on the
street, but yesterday, I was surprised to find none. So, after waiting for
nearly an hour for an empty cab, we were able to get our ride.


The cab driver was very excited about the fight that he even
told my husband to turn on the radio at home so he can have the updated blow by
blow events. The radio in the cab was loud enough to make my kids irritated and
start crying. But the driver was such in a happy mood and he apologized that
for the loud volume on the radio, he said he made a bet of six thousand pesos
in favor of Pacman. I asked who was fool enough to bet with him in favor of
Cotto and he replied it was his brother-in-law. I asked, “Why, is he not a
Filipino?” and he said ,”he is but don’t like Manny”. Oh well, I thought every
Filipino loves Manny Pacquiao. But then , I don’t also like him at times  but on a boxing bout, I would always favor him
over the opponent. Of course, let’s love our own countryman.


So, going back to my story, the driver was intent on
listening to the blow by blow report that I was afraid he was not concentrating
on his driving. He was such in a happy mood because he said he was going to
win. If Manny wins, his family will have a better Christmas. If Manny loses,
goodbye to a happy one. If Manny wins, he will go home immediately because he
already has his boundary for the day and will not work until today. If Manny
loses, then goodbye to the six thousand pesos he bet.

I was thinking how he could do such a thing to his family,
using that amount of money to bet on a game instead of just saving it for Christmas.
I do believe that Manny was a sure win, but what if he lost? In my opinion, betting
that kind of money would only be okay if you are earning more than what you bet.
I might be wrong but of course each one of us has different opinions.


So we were already a corner near Aguirre at the time of the
seventh round, when the driver said, “Ma’am , if the fight is over and Manny
won, I would have given you this ride for free.”  I said, “ Oh it’s okay. Just go and buy
something for your family. Thanks anyway.”


I think the only thing I would have agreed with all this
betting game would be the last one. There’s a 
saying that goes this way : “Life is a big gamble” but I never thought
some people take it literally. :)



  1. [this is good] I agree with your opinion about the bet. I would kick my husband's ass if he came home and told me he did that.

  2. hi ..i thought so too..thanks for your comment. :)


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