35 weeks and ready to go

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

wish i could wear my velvet jeans..

but i am 35 weeks and 2 days on the way to being a mommy.so, i have to content myself with wearing those pants with elastic waist bands.talk about feeling sexy. :)

so, what really happens inside your tummy at 35 weeks?

well, i have trouble sleeping at night.i guess this is just normal.i constantly have the urge to go to the bathroom to pee and with a backache that never seems to go away.

and when i lay down at night , just as i am about to close my eyes to get some sleep, that is when the baby inside me start turning ,kicking and moving. actually, it's wonderful and amazing when i feel it.made me realize that i am so lucky to be able to experience this.

so, maybe i just have to wait a few more weeks.until then, i'll wear my stretchy pants with the elastic waist band.

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