sunny afternoons and ice cream

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's a hot sunny afternoon and all i can think of is
lie in the sand under the shade of a coconut tree.but here i am, stuck in this
four-walled bedroom with nothing to do but tweak on my friendster,myspace, and
hi5 accounts.later, i just might give in to a pint of ice the
air conditioning and savor every bite of my ice cream. i don't know, i just had
a sudden liking to that thing.i never really loved ice cream as much as i do
now.hormonal? has suddenly became one of my guilty
and so , as i write now, images of every flavor of
ice cream imaginable comes to my mind.i could imagine the summer breeze gently
blowing and lulling me to sleep. this is life! but hey, tomorrow's another
monday and it's back to reality.maybe i'd just take a pint of ice cream with me
to work tomorrow

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