Have you ever wondered why, after making positive changes in specific areas of your life, that no matter how diligently you tried to follow up on it, you always end up back to where you started. It seems like there’s something trying to stop you or pull you away from achieving what it is that you really want in life.

I used to feel that way. 

Many times I’ve always find myself running around in circles trying to find out the very thing that would help me break the cycle, looking for the thing that would lead me to my breakthrough. All the while I thought that if the pull was so strong, then it wasn’t for me. It never occurred to me that there were things that I was doing, whether I was aware or unaware about it, that kept me from getting what I truly wanted. And it sucks because I never really thought that it could be possible. I was stuck with my belief that if something was meant for me, things would go smoothly. And if it wasn’t for me, there would be a mountain of challenges so I better stop than waste a lot of time in it.

I was so wrong!

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