If you’ve been reading my blogs since the start, you’d notice that during the holidays, I would have a post about a make-over, and the things that I would like to achieve for the next year.(That would be my New Year’s post).

So, here in my place, the looong holiday starts in two days, and I already have made plans on the kind of make-over that I wanted to do. You can also use this as a guide in doing your own make-overs.

Clean out your closet.


The past year has got me accumulate a lot of things including clothes mostly donated by my closest friends. I have not really purchased something that I am wearing this 2014. I am blessed to have friends who helped me in this area by buying or giving me most of my wardrobe. Typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan has done so much to change my way of life, including my wardrobe. One of the makeovers I would do is to weed out the stuff that I won't be wearing anymore and I think I can afford to buy new ones to fill my closet, although not all at once. 

Clean out your friend list.

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I am starting with my personal social media accounts. Yes, I am over that phase that I have to respond to every friend or follow request. There are a lot to consider now, online safety for one. I am rarely on Facebook, it has become so emotionally tiring and brings out a lot of negativity in my life. I’ve learned so much in the past year about protecting our identities online. (Check out your phone contacts. If you are using an iPhone and is synced with FB messenger, chances are you can see all your friends data in your contacts, which includes phone numbers that some of them may not be too willing to share, even to you.)

In the real world, your friend list also needs a make-over. Have you wondered why you seldom get to meet wonderful guys when you're with your "nega friends"? It's because you get to absorb and imbibe the negative energy that they exude.You need some people who can bring positive changes into your life. If getting rid of those negative people in your life is inevitable, at least you should try spending time lesser with them. 

 Assess your career.

Are you happy with your current state at work? Are you satisfied with your pay? Do you think it matches your skills? Be honest about this and start planning on how you can achieve your career goals. Maybe you have wanted to start your own business. What has been stopping you? Now is the time to overcome and conquer those fears and hesitations. A business or an online job may just be the one that can give you the financial freedom you need.

Dig deep into your soul.

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Our spiritual life ,more than anything else, also needs regular assessment and make-over. Look into the areas where you feel you are feeling empty. Why do you feel that way? How can you fill that void that is crippling you? A tip: When you feel empty, do things that help others. You have to empty something to fill it up. Volunteerism can go a long way. Or maybe praying more often will help lighten your load.

 Have an exciting social life.

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If your social life has been as dormant as the rug in your front door, (this might need a little make-over too), then it’s time that you start going out more. And you wonder why you could not find a date. If you are a bit shy of going out alone and painting the town red, ask your dearest friends to accompany you. Not only you get moral support, but you also get tips to being a party animal from your expert friends .

Finally, this is just something to guide you make those necessary make-over you need in your life. There maybe other things that makes you unhappy or unfulfilled. The best thing is that, for now, you have started somewhere on your way to a new you. 

I wish you all the best this Christmas and always! Merry Christmas!


Just keep the faith,


"O come, o come Emmanuel,
And ransom captive Israel.
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the Son of God appear.
Rejoice, rejoice!
Shall come to thee , O Israel"


This is an advent song which I vividly remember singing in church when I was younger. Having studied in a Catholic school from Kindergarten to High School, I can pretty much say that I had my share of traditional Church songs and was only introduced to modern worship songs lately, when I become a Catholic Charismatic.

Advent means the arrival of a notable person, thing or event, as described in an ordinary dictionary. But in Christian theology, it means the first season of the Christian church year, leading up to Christmas including the four preceding Sundays.

In short, it's the wait for Christmas.

Its' just ten days before Christmas,it is still Advent. Everybody, especially my kids are excited now. We had started shopping for their outfits for their Christmas Party in school. This is one of the highlights of a student's life and it's a shame if they missed it.

As early as today, we have already made our Christmas shopping list, our menu for the Christmas dinner and most of all we are preparing ourselves spiritually for the coming  or the birth of our Lord Jesus. Because we are waiting for the coming or arrival of someone very significant in our life, we do the necessary preparations.

I have been single for at least a couple of years, and when friends start to ask me why, I sometimes change to "panic mode" and I transform from a sweet person to a grumpy one. And to make matters worse, my exes are already married and are having babies and starting new lives with their new families. I would be dishonest if I say I am not a bit jealous. Well I am, but only because they have found new love and not because I still desire them. I always say to myself that the right person will come at the right time.

As I reflected on the meaning of Advent, I realized that I can use the same principle in waiting for that special man in my life. I have no calling to become a nun, nor have I any ambition of becoming a saint, that is way too hard to do. So yes, I need a man in my life.

But I am one impatient woman. I hate waiting, as much as I used to hate surprises. I am that woman who would roll her eyes when someone cuts in line and if I'm feeling bitchy that day, I'd tell that to their faces. I am that woman who would drum her fingers just to show her impatience when the cashiers at grocery stores are showing no sense of urgency in tending other customers thinking that the only time that is important is theirs.

But waiting for a man to come into your life is something that you have no control over. You can date all you want, but you can't drum your fingers on tables to show how impatient you are becoming. You can't say to a man's face," hey, why are you and I not together, we should be." This is one part where being bitchy absolutely won't work.

Waiting for that special someone needs some special preparations too, not just on the outside, but more on the inside. Of course physical appearance matters, but it's really your character and personality that attracts people to want to be with you. And the waiting period is just the right time for you to prepare for the coming of that special someone.

I have read from an article that it's actually the subconscious that dictates whether we are ready for a relationship or not. I mean, sometimes, we say we want to be in a relationship, but we are not really doing something about it. Our subconscious sends out the opposite signal and so we are getting the opposite of what we think we want. That is why, at the waiting period, you already start preparing for the new and better relationship by setting into your subconscious the ideal person and relationship you want.

Deepak Chopra also said that to manifest your soul mate, you have to be the qualities that you want ideal in someone. The waiting period is the time to do just that. Work on yourself to be the qualities that you so want and you will attract the soul mate.

Recommended reading: Soulmates According to Deepak

There really is grace in waiting. Perhaps it may not be too obvious because we are blinded by our impatience. But think about it, if we waited long enough for something, then it must be so special.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for him. I think he just got delayed. :)

But I'm still keeping the faith,


I have always been open with my experience with depression and this blog has been my medium for sending out information about this disease that cripples many. I still have my bouts but the good thing is I already know what triggers it so as much as possible, I try to stay away from those that triggers it.

Recently, an executive from Healthline, Maggie Danhakl, Assistant Marketing Manager of Healthline.com saw my posts about depression on this blog and contacted me and informed me about a newly-released infographic on how to detect depression. The infographic is interactive and you can click on a particular part of the body and how depression affects it. I particularly liked that infographic because it gives a broader explanation of how the disease will alter the regular or normal functions of a certain part of your body.

Photo: healthline.com

View this interactive infographic, click the link below:

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