Here's one blog that I recently followed. I have actually read her blogs before. Cute. Bubbly. Inspiring. A doctor by profession, she finds time to write about her passion, her family (obviously). :)

Here's one that I like best.

Excerpt from  "The Masks We Wear" post on her blog.

"You seem to be happy.  I see you smile each day, but I know behind those smiles are silent cries and tears waiting to flow.  

You appear tough.  You always have that stern look on your face, but I know behind that strong front is a person who is afraid to get hurt.

You appear to be concerned and would wish someone well.  But behind those hugs and friendly exchanges is a plot to pull the person down."   

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Do you believe in angels or God's messenger?

Once in a while, God sends his angels to tell us of His great love. But as we go about crazily with the busy-ness of our lives, we oftentimes overlook the signs that God is present in our midst , through His messengers, and all we need to do is to reach out and talk to Him, in prayer. 
A Bucket of Hope writes about the movie "I Am Gabriel", a very inspiring and powerful movie that would change how you will deal with strangers.  Read more...

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